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3. Fitness plans to cater for your individual needs

Each member of the gym will be offered a fitness programme which caters for their individual needs, taking into consideration their individual physical ability or health issues e.g. blood pressure, bone joint problems etc. This programme will be targeted towards helping the person achieve their goals and improving their quality of life, by enabling them to be more mobile, improving their motor skills, balance and greatly improve their cardio activity.

4. Nutrition and weight management programme

This will include calculating their RMR (resting metabolic rate); how many calories they should be consuming without physical activity and BMR (basic metabolic rate); how many calories in total they should be consuming taking into consideration their daily physical exercise and activity levels. All members will receive a food diary to record exactly what, when and how much they are eating on a daily basis, thus working their minds as well as their bodies!


For more details contact us: 0115 975 7712.

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